Friday Eye Candy: The Men Have it

I wish women were more like men.  Let me explain myself so girls out there don't hate me and maybe you even end up angry with me.  I love a man's personality, I love that they don't hold resentment, they're relaxed and seem to always get a hold of things, they are very understanding and they don't hate other men just because.  How many times have you heard a man gossiping about other men?  Women are nurturing by nature I know, but women sometimes can't help but compete too much against each other, instead of supporting one another, we instead compete and end up hating each other for absolutely no reason or for childish reasons.  Men don't do things like that, men don't even think about those things.  Instead they play sports, they say "Hello" when they cross eyes with someone else, they don't sweat the small stuff.  They are always innovating, changing lanes while driving, they make up conversations, they speak with enthusiasm!  It's true that they may forget that you already wore that skirt before but doesn't even that forgetful attitude have something nice to say about them and a lot to say about our vanities?  Think about it and have a good weekend.

All images via Darling, be daring.


Classiq said...

What a great post, Julie! I agree with everything you say here. Yes, we should learn more from men. How true it is that women always feel the need to compete with one another and always over-analyze one another. Maybe everything you say here is one of the reason's why I've always gotten along so much better with boys and men than with girls and women. I feel I always have so much more to gain from their friendship and the conversations with them are so much meaningful and interesting.

therelishedroost said...

With men there is far less drama!! I always had good guy friend even now that I am married I still have some good male friends, there is just no nonsense and that is quite refreshing sometimes!! Have a great weekend!

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