Socks with Sandals Invade the Street Style

Don't sleep on the thought that wearing socks and sandals is only for the preschooler crowd or you may wake up with identity crisis when you hit the streets and see grown up and very stylish women wearing socks with her high heeled sandals.  It's been a while that this has beeen happening now and there are actually even official terms for the trend, depending on the kind of shoes you are wearing, for pointed stilettos they call it “Socks and Spikes” for the open sandals version is well, just “Socks and Sandals”.  I like it for many reasons, one because it gives you the chance to wear your sandals even if the weather is not so cooperative and second because sometimes I'm just too lazy to go for a pedicure.  Enjoy!

socks and spike
socks and spikes
socks and spikes
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