Kara Rosenlund: A Vignette Master

A Vignette in Interior Design is a small grouping of beautifully and carefully arrangements of items.  A vignette could be a sitting area or a table top setting assembled in a pleasant and personal way to create a desired result - aesthetically speaking.  Some people are masters at creating vignettes that are as inspiring as they are purposeful.  One of those people is Kara Rosenlund from Australia.  She creates beautiful arrangements that always carry a theme, a story or some reference.  Here are a few of the images that have caught my eye in her Instagram feed.  Enjoy!

All images from Kara Rosenlund Instagram feed.


Katy Byrne said...

Great shots! Esp love the figs. Always a fan of a well executed vignette


Karena Albert said...

Wonderful images Julie! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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