Friday eye candy: Postcards from zurich

Our vacation is coming to an end too soon.  We left Istanbul three days ago and I already miss it.  I wish I could live traveling constantly, not only for the pleasure of experiencing and getting to know all the beautiful things in the world but, because it's a lot easier to blog about your experiences than having to come up with new and unique posts every day.  Every blogger can relate to those periods of dry spells when you sit in front of the computer with no idea what to post about.  But reality calls and after almost a month it's time to go back home to our duties and routine.  For now I stroll around this gorgeous and beautiful City one more time registering every corner with my iPhone.  Enjoy!

All pictures taken by me.

A Boston Brownstone designed by Nina Farmer

beacon hill interior design
This beautiful brownstone designed by Nina Farmer is located in the chic and classic neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston.  Surprisingly I came across this house while at a cafe in Istanbul, where it is law for every cafe to have a reading section.  It was featured in House Beautiful Turkey.  The decor throughout is refined and eclectic with a few masculine furniture pieces.  My favorite area is the entryway which Nina converted into the dining room.  The walls and ceiling are painted in one uniform grey color, the ceiling itself is a magnificent work of art with a center skyline with a sputnik chandelier.  The brownstone seems to be very roomy due to the size of the kitchen that fits a big island and a spacious work area.  Enjoy!
interior design in beacon hill

white marble bathroom

seagrass wall paper


Morini Cafe at Beymen in Istanbul

Beymen Department Store in Istanbul is like the synthesis of Barney's in New York.  Although they don't carry everything online, their stores carry all the exclusive and kind of hip brands that you can ever think of.  The Beymen located in the newly opened Zorlu Center also offers a gorgeous Cafe/Restaurant, Morini that is beautiful decorated with blue and white tiles, black and white mosaic floors, mirrored bar shelves and fresh and beautiful flowers.  Istanbul Interior Design is influenced by the City's unique location, between Europe and Asia, whilst being more European in design.  It takes its beautiful and unique style from its rich past of grandeur and splendor.  Everywhere you go you may find cozy and chic cafes decorated in different styles but always stylish.  Since I never feel ashamed to take pictures, regardless of where I am, I took some pictures of Morini Cafe.  It's better to do something even when it's not too cool than regretting not doing it later.

All photos by me

Friday Eye Candy: Happy Birthday to my Husband

  A Classic Mont Blanc Watch

Today is my husband's birthday and I'm happy we get to spend it with his parents and our little one, who is not really a little one anymore.  My hubby is a very humble person with one of the most admirable qualities I can only hope I had, patience.  Everyone who gets to know him falls in-love with his enthusiastic personality and kindness.  He will never let you know he already knows about the interesting fact you are telling him, instead he would make you feel incredibly important and smart.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have him in my life simply because he is the best human being I've ever met, and since today is his birthday I'm posting the material things he has always admired and I hope one day be able to gift him.  He prefers everything that looks vintage and simple.  
It is also a tradition of my husband to thank his parents, especially his mother on this day.  A big congratulations to my mother in-law for having raising such a great person.
Almost anything john varvatos

One of his favorite places is the Hamptons.  If we ever are in a position to buy a piece of land there all the lots are taken then we'll end up in North Fork but, it's ok.  Probably by then its as chic as the Hamptons itself.

BMW 507

When we first started dating he had a huge leather sofa, in which I kept kind of slipping off and for aesthetics reasons I got rid of it as soon as possible.  Whenever we move again we'll get his forever "keep remembering me" leather sofa but, this time we'll meet in between and we'll be getting something stylish as this if not a chesterfield sofa. 

La Petite Maison Opened in Nisantasi neighborhood of Istanbul

New York has 5th, Zurich has Bahnhofstrasse, and Istanbul has its Nisantasi neighborhood, a very fashionable area with an impressive number of Designer Stores, hip restaurants, cafes and exclusive hotels.  Among the many designers shops, most of them second outposts in the City, is Chanel, Prada, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin.  Walking around the neighborhood today I came across the new La Petite Maison that had just opened up one week ago.  The French Mediterranean restaurant which originated in Nice, France is now owned by a London Company.  It has other locations in London, Dubai, and now in Istanbul.  The quaint restaurant with an outdoor terrace is located in The Park Hyatt where the interior design is the beautiful work of the Architecture Interior firm Sagrada and lighting designer Thierry Dreyfus.  We had a great lunch at the outdoor terrace which has an aura of "jardin a la Francaise" where I took a few pictures until you visit Istanbul one day. :) Enjoy!

Photos by me.  Bellow images from Google Images


Sunday Quotes


Friday Eye Candy: Postcards from Europe and New to Tyche

Bahnhofstrasse Neighborhood

We've been having a great time away from home.  We got to spend a few days in Zurich and plan to spend three weeks in Turkey.  It's amazing how time flies when you're having a great time and I can't believe almost two weeks have past.  Here are a few images from my Instagram account and also two awesome new bracelets (last picture) coming soon to Tyche.  

Lake Zurich

Paper factory around Bahnhofstrasse

Beyoglu neighborhood

TheHouse Cafe in Beyoglu

My cutie pituty is growing like crazy!  Beyoglu

The macarons in Istanbul are pretty good.  Pera Palace Hotel.

New Bracelets coming soon to Tyche

Vogue Editorial Inside Lazaro Rosa Violan house

While looking at the May issue of American Vogue I spotted a corner that looked strangely familiar to me.  It was the white chesterfield sofa in Lazaro Rosa Violan's studio with an oversized white architectural salvage piece behind.  Then of course I saw the script and there it was.  Photos taken at Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio.  Then I did a little more research about it and found out at Lazaro's Facebook page that some of them were taken at his house. It is always great to see more of Lazaro's work and all thanks to American Vogue.  Enjoy!

Here throw the door we can see the Chinese panels Rosa-Violan had in another area of his studio. 

Model Sasha Pivovarova, singer-songwriter James Blake & editorial photographs by Mario Testino for American Vogue.
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