Thank you Ada from Classiq and Coming Soon at Tyche

The beautiful Ada from Classiq has kindly interviewed me about my baby jewelry line Tyche.  She did an amazing interpretation of what Tyche is all about and I'm extremely honored and flattered to have answered her smart and interesting questions.  Thank you Ada for your support and interesting interview.  If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own design line head over to Ada's blog, Classiq where I'm spilling some interesting facts and sources that you should know.  Enjoy!
Ah! and I can't forget to show you these amazing bracelets soon to come available at Tyche Jewelry.
A hand selfie


Classiq said...

Thank you, Julie, for your wonderful words. But most of all, thank you for accepting my invitation. It gave me great pleasure putting together the feature about Tyche, especially that I admire so much your design vision and dedication in pursuing this new (and old) passion. It's inspiring!

Julie Yenicag Paulino said...

Thank you so much for your feature. I'm honored to be in your blog.


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