Heavily Veined Marble Bathrooms

veined marble bathroom via belle vivir blog, heavily veined marble bathroom with painted tent half wall up
Marble bathrooms are as exquisite as it gets.  The exotic and exclusive material is the most coveted option when it comes to choosing stones for more refined bathrooms.  The myriad of Marble options can go from heavily veined and exotic ones to more simple ones, but the exotic ones capture still more attention and no wonder.  The more rare the marble the more expensive it is.  Usually this type stone needs to be imported from places such as Italy, France, Turkey and other countries where the rock is naturally produced.  Since heavily veined marble can be very pronounced and make such a statement, usually white marble is preferred so as to keep the effect more subtle and harmonious.  Bathroom is a room we use daily.    Of course nothing beats the the real deal, but not everybody can afford real marble and one way to accomplish an elegant result for your bathroom is mixing the high and low.  In our bathroom in New Jersey I did just that.  I used calacata gold marble in a mosaic patter for the floor and the shower I opted for porcelain that simulate marble. 
In the top bathroom, Thomas Jayne used statuary marble on floors and half wall.   Bathrooms with grey veined marble is a very popular option of more traditional home owners. The ceiling and upper wall is painted to simulate a tent.  via AD
viened marble with marble carrara arasbescatto on walls, floor and vanity
Pierre Yovanovitch used a very popular type of marble in France.  Carrara Arasbescatto creates one of the most striking backdrops for any type of bathroom from traditional to modern.
heavily veined marble bathroom with vanitry with chrome legs, wood floor and brown mirrors
Geilles and Boissier bathroom with also carrara arabescatto 
Heavily veined exotic marble bathroom with two pedestal sink
Bathroom with chevron floor, paonazzo marble and brass vanity and floating mirrors in front of windows
Maddux Creative This bathroom probably broke the internet when it first started circulating among bloggers and pinterest.  The Marble I believe is Paonazzo marble.  White marble looks its best when combined with brass as I posted here
 Bathroom walls witn marble, brass towel rack and white freestanding tub
Bathroom witn grey marble with heavily veins on floor and fron wall, rounded mirrors, two sinks and a dresser for vanity
Kelly Wearstler is well known for using exotic marble in her projects.  In her home in Malibu beach, Kelly used what looks like a Dandy marble to cover one wall and the floor in her bathroom.
tub wrapped up in white veined marble on chevron floor
A white marble clad deep tub sits graciously on a chevron floor.
bathroom with tiffany glass windows, tub with heavinly veined marble
this post was previously published on 7/10/14.   It's been revisited and modified.


Karena Albert said...

Stunning, incredibly gorgeous all. I want the first though! Thank you Julie!

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Semua Rumah said...

Great bathroom with marble ideas..

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I LOVE them!

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