Chic 9 Bags under 500

You may have noticed how bigger size bags have taken the back seat in the fashion world lately.  The current trend in bags now is a smaller, slicker bag that has a night time appearance although it's used during the day as well.  I'm coveting all bags designed by Delvaux lately, mainly the Madame mini which is extremely similar to the Sophie Hulme mini envelope bag.  Sophi's is a lot more affordable.  Therefore I most likely will end up with the affordable one.  Enjoy!

From top to bottom, left to right: Elizabeth and James, Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag, Sophie Hulme, Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors, DVF, Boticca, Milliner, Flynn.

Sunday Quotes: Rumi

Study me as much as you like, 
you will not know me, 
for I differ in a hundred ways 
from what you see me to be. ― Rumi


Semi Sweet Blueberry and Fig Cake:: Gluten Free

This is a gluten-free blueberry & fig cake recipe for those who prefer cakes that are not too sweet.  I don't enjoy desserts when all you can taste is the extra sugar.  I feel it takes away a lot from the real flavor.  I got to warn you that when you make this cake you will want to eat it all at once.  Yeah, it's that good!
1 cup of blueberries
1 peeled quartered orange
1 inch strip orange peel
1/4 cup olive oil
3/4 cup of 0% lactose milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extra
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups gluten-free flour
1 cup chopped figs
1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
Place blueberries, orange, peel, oil, milk, sugar, egg, and vanilla into a mixer and blend.  Combine flower, baking soda, baking powder, and salt into a mixing bowl.  Mix together and stir very well.  Slowly add the blueberry and orange mixture to it and stir well.
Pour mixture in a Pam sprayed loaf pan and bake at 350 F until you insert a fork and comes out clean.  Approximately 60 minutes.  Enjoy!

All images by me

Friday Eye Candy: The Men Have it

I wish women were more like men.  Let me explain myself so girls out there don't hate me and maybe you even end up angry with me.  I love a man's personality, I love that they don't hold resentment, they're relaxed and seem to always get a hold of things, they are very understanding and they don't hate other men just because.  How many times have you heard a man gossiping about other men?  Women are nurturing by nature I know, but women sometimes can't help but compete too much against each other, instead of supporting one another, we instead compete and end up hating each other for absolutely no reason or for childish reasons.  Men don't do things like that, men don't even think about those things.  Instead they play sports, they say "Hello" when they cross eyes with someone else, they don't sweat the small stuff.  They are always innovating, changing lanes while driving, they make up conversations, they speak with enthusiasm!  It's true that they may forget that you already wore that skirt before but doesn't even that forgetful attitude have something nice to say about them and a lot to say about our vanities?  Think about it and have a good weekend.

All images via Darling, be daring.

7 Ways to Display Pots and Pans in the Kitchen

7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog
Since I like to cook I would love to keep my pots and pans in the open where I can easily reach them whenever I need one.  Although I know that many people prefer to keep their cookware in closed storage to keep them out of dust, I don't mind rinsing them off before using.  One thing everyone would agree on is the fact that Organization in the kitchen is crucial in order for it to be useful.  Reasons like lack of storage may force a homeowner to display their pots and pans, if that is your case then here are 7 stylish ways to display them.
7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog

7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog

7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog
Rose Uniacke

7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog

7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog

7 ways to display pots and pans in the kitchen via belle vivir blog

Olivia Palermo Latest Edgier Style

Olivia Palermo wearing black leather head to toe in Preen.
Olivia Palermo is a style icon for many girls.  Her style has been for most very conservative and feminine, always wearing easy to emulate down-to-earth fashion pieces that many can easily relate.  Tailored skirts and suits, pull-overs and skinny jeans and feminine soft dresses are only a few of her closet staples.  Olivia has stayed away from stand-out and bold fashion choices while still managing to be a bit edgier lately.  As in the pictures below Olivia's street style during the latest Fashion Weeks was a bit more modern but still very lady-like. 

Christian Dior

At Carven

Diane Von Furstenberg 


Every Home Should Have: Fireplace

A traditional and elaborate fireplace with an over-sized mirror resting on the mantel beautifies a French apartment.
If you are building, remodeling or designing a home, consider adding a fireplace to create a permanent character and focal point to any room.  If you happen to live in a warm weather country or the house you are living in doesn't have the structure for a functional one, a fireplace mantel could be a smart alternative and there are so many design options to choose from.  From traditional and elaborate designs with a lot of charm as in the French Apartment in the top image to more modern and sculptural ones as in the one designed by David Collins.  Add a few oversized candles in a faux fireplace or mantel and immediately you are creating a very romantic and casual atmosphere with little effort.   

Suzanne Kassler

David Collins

Gilles and Boissier

Jo Malone London

 K+B Kasha Design via Anna Gillar

H&M Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Colleciton Spring 2014

I may want each and every one of the couture-looking peaces in H&M’s Conscious Collection which will be available on April 10.  The limited edition collection is the third of the mega retail store.  This terrific and beautiful line is in collaboration with Ever Manifesto a sustainability think tank and publication founded by Alexia Niedzielski, Charlotte Casiraghi & Elizabeth von Guttman.  This collection is inspired by a very Spanish Bohemian fashion where a matador jacket and a pair of high heeled sandals are embellished with beautiful embroidery.  The fashion pieces are made of eco-friendly materials such as organic silk and leather.  I think those black embroidery shorts have my name all over them.  See below pictures of H&M lookbook modeled by Andreea Diaconu.

All images via H&M press.

Instagram Crush: Lina from Linadelika

Browsing Linadelika's inspiring Instagram account is almost like traveling with her to the beautiful places she photographs and tasting the delicious food she snaps on her way.  Lina is a travel and food photographer with a great eye for scouting and registering beauty.  See for yourself some of her photographs below.

All images via Linadelika Instagram feed
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