Hi there and It's been ages

My dear friends!  I feel I've been away from you and the blog for ever.  I needed to take a brake, although never planned it to be this long, to concentrate more on Tyche Jewelry and my family.  Just a short update about me, we moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Munich, Germany and couldn't be happier.  Munich's perfect proximity to many historical countries allows us to travel more and get to see amazing places.  I'm looking forward to enjoying this side of the world.  
At the moment I'm working on designing and developing Tyche Jewelry's new season collection and it takes a lot of energy and time as anyone in the Design business can relate to but, I'll make sure to stop by and say hello hopefully once or twice a week.  Go out smell the roses and enjoy the last days of summer.
Best,  Julie

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Karena Albert said...

Dear Julie it is so good to hear from you and about all of the wonderful changes in your life. What an adventure! I have certainly missed your posts!

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