3 Outfits to Wear When Visiting A Museum

Visiting a museum is a rather casual, albeit elegant, thing to do and putting together that just-chic-enough appropriate outfit could be more difficult than putting together a more formal one.  This is because there is no rule for casual-elegant dressing.  Above all you want to stay away from looking like going to a cocktail party.  Many fashion experts advise to build an outfit from bottom up and in this case, it's more for the comfort than for the fashion side.  Whether big or small, we'll be walking and standing around so I think I would rather keep the shoes flat or low enough.

dress, bag and shoes.

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Kate DiLiberto said...

I love these outfits! I just want to give a heads up that some museums (for instance the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) do not allow backpacks (since you can't see them, there is a chance that they can bump into artwork and damage them.) If you bring a backpack, they will make you wear it on your front!

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