The Use of Black in Interiors

Jean Louis Deniot entryway
Jean Louis Deniot design
Black is the color that can elevate the most a simple decor to a more elegant and austere one.  There is probably no other color as classic as black and it never goes out of style.  The competence of the color black has been forever a favorite of many well renowned designers and it has been a permanent and constant choice in interiors as well as in fashion.  No wonder black is well known as Cristobal Balenciaga's preferred color as it's demonstrated by the exhibition 'Balenciaga, L'Ouvre ou Noir' (All in Black) taking place at Palais Galliera in Paris now.  It's neutrality provides the flexibility of being paired with almost any other hue in the rainbow.  Either employed as a simple accent such as a decorative object or for covering all the walls in a room the effect of black in interiors is strictly elegant and timeless.
entryway with antique mirror and chandelier
Entry way via Architectural Digest.  Can you picture a colorful sideboard here instead? Neither can I.
black chairs with brass table
The Louis XVI looking chairs are painted black bringing out the black on the ceiling pendant and art.
barble bathroom with black tub
Love the contrast of the black freestanding tub against the marble wall.  Design by Alessandra Branca
black bookcases with navy blue sofa
Black bookcases in this space enhances the mood of the room.
black and white living room with hugo guinness print
black and white modern entryway
A bold and modern entryway by Kelli Wilde and Laurent Champeau.
Mathilde Agostinelli living room
Jacques Grange loves to incorporate small doses of black.
Jean Louis Deniot living room with fireplace and van der streaten mirror
A black Herve Van Der Streaten mirror, black steel settee, black doors and black sculpture at a Jean Louis Deniot design.
joseph dirand living room with black chair
Joseph Dirand
albert hadley living room vignette
Albert Hadley made constant use of black in his beautiful interiors.
marie chantal miller entryway home
Marie Chantal Miller London's home.  I recently read in a book that this floor was landmarked.  Is it cheating if I copy them?

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