A Country Home Designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada

I think Country interiors are underrated and overlooked while more polished decor take center stage.  One reason could be because country or rustic interiors look and feel better in person and pictures don't do them justice.  Elements such as honed finish stones, matte finish woods creates a cozy environment that invites to stay and even walk barefoot.  And, when it comes to beautiful country decor no other place does it better than a European country side.  Case in point, his country home designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada located in Zegovia, Spain.  I posted about this kitchen designed by her a while ago and was trilled when recently found more images of the rest of the house and who can't forget that popular shot of Isabel's home library?
Love the genius idea of wicker surrounding the bathtub.
Images via Isabel Lopez Quesada.
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