Weekend Comfort: Sneakers That is

I don't know about you but, I can't decide what I love more about Summer: the easiness of its clothes or the absence of heavy ones, which in either case pretty much results in the same feeling of comfort.  As time passes I find myself more interested in wearing sneakers for my daily errands.  I can not for the love of God even think about picking up my son, Lucas at school in heels or wearing them to the Super Market for that matter.  Lucky for me and all the ladies who favor fashion sneakers had never been this hot or coveted.  There is this Athleisure style which is more than a trend and it's here to stay.  Now, Athleisure is is not to be confused with the use of sweat pants with decorated letters on the derriere.  No, no this consists of wearing active wear that are more fashionable than the usual and sneakers are a bit more fancy with exotic skins and accessories.  Whatever the fashion world decides to call it, it all comes down to the fact that comfort always beats fancy.
sneakers with white skirt
adidas sneakers with black skirt
adidas sneakers with leather pants and camel coat
adidas sneakers with black dress
converse sneakers with khaki pants
blue loose dress with sneakers
gucci sneakers and bag
dressy skirt with sneakers
converse sneakers and white blazer
colorful sneakers and khaki coat
veronika heilbrunner cut out dress with sneakers
veronika heilbrunner with sneakers
The queen of Athleisure style, Veronika Heilbrunner
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