10 Great Ways to Decorate Your Foyer

As everyone knows, a first impression is important.  In many cases, definitive.  Accordingly, a gracious foyer decor speaks volume of what lies ahead.  Whether you are lucky enough to have in your home a full room for a foyer or a small entryway, there are endless ways to decorate it in a welcoming way.

Contemporary Entryway

home foyer decorating ideas
In this entryway two identical eagle-base consoles with two respecting round mirrors bring balance and symmetry to the entrance of this home.  The shimmery wallpaper decor adds a touch of glam to the space.  

A Coastal Entryway

home decorating ideas foyer
In this entryway, everything displaying in it reminds you where you are, at a beach town.  From the vintage-looking framed swim suit to the surf board to the coral.

The Tented Foyer

home decor ideas foyer

You can easily tell that the owners of this home love beautiful patterns and Asian influence in their decor.  The atmosphere makes you want to see more of the decorating style inside the rest of the house.

The Hunter Lover Foyer

Home decor ideas about decorating foyer

The feeling in this space is one of nature lover owners.  I love the architectural pieces such as the pedestal use as table and the architectural prints.  All these design elements speak volume of the owners sense of decorating.

The Upholstered Foyer

home decorating ideas foyer
In Carolina Herrera Baez’s home, the atmosphere in her foyer decor is of coziness and comfort.  Perfect for a family of children.

Country Elegant Foyer

10 great ways to decorate your foyer
Unfinished textured furniture and metal door and stone floor make this foyer ideal for everyday use.

French Country Foyer

home decor ideas and inspirations for foyer
Lovely oversized antique mirror gives this foyer movement and light reflection.  The plaster covered walls and antique tall doors get softened up with light wood chevron floors.

The Library Foyer

home decor ideas and inpirations
This room can perfectly be a foyer.  Decorated as a library with bookshelves and a classic library table reads culture.

Bright and Bold Foyer

A very bright home decor style in this entryway.  The bright pink wall and bold fabric on the upholstered chair tell its visitors this house is for fun and we don't take ourselves seriously.  

Stripped Entryway

In this entryway, space was never an excuse to not be daring.  Different patterns of black and white are used on walls and iron based furniture keep the space from getting overboard.

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