Revisiting A Classic and Modern Parisian Apartment

interior decorator writes about a classic and modern parisian apartment
I love to see classic interior structures decorated with more modern furniture, as I stated here.  The contrast is beyond exited and chic.  This Modern Parisian Apartment is gracefully decorated between classic and the modern.  The quintessential Parisian apartment with Haussmann Architectural Details is furnished with fabulous furniture from different periods with common clean lines.  The apartment is designed by double g.  The walls with ornate moldings and boiseries were kept white - who needs a color-splash when you have ornate crown moldings like these!
Interior designer tour a parisian apartment
Keeping the furniture in neutral colors bring balance and tranquility to a very ornate room.  Keeping the wall in white adds to this.
article about parisian home decor
A parisian apartment design bedroom
High ceiling, chevron floors and half wall moldings scream Parisian chic.  The green chair juxtaposing the dark floor.
library with chevron floors and grey bookcases
I enjoy a pup of red especially when contrast with grey. 
parisian decor
Lovely neutral contrast of the wood, black and white.
Bathroom design with fireplace
A fireplace in my bathroom would be what I need.
dark freestanding bathtub
double g design
This post was originally published on 5/8/14.   Photo by Helenio Barbetta


Classiq said...

What a fabulous apartment! Look at those crafted walls and ceilings! It looks so luxurious in the most elegant possible way. Oh, and it's your expertise I would turn to when comes to interior design, not the NYT. ;)

Suzanne said...
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