Greek Revival: A Perfect Beach Home

 beach home living room decor ideas
When I think of a beach or vacation home I think of a home with some level of restrain in the decor but comfortable enough to serve its purpose.  Now that summer is approaching and soon will be time to escape somewhere to relax for a couple of weeks, I find myself longing to own a vacation home where we can dine and sleep at ease and where we won't feel like a tourist.  Case in point is this Greek home with a garden so inspiring that I may not even want to go outside.  The elegant but laid-back decor of soothing and sophisticated tones of blue and beige in the upholstered pieces combined with the washed wood furniture, cane chairs, bare floors and beam ceilings painted in light blue makes this home a perfect place to come back at the end of the day with lots of veggies and a bottle of wine to cook.  I don't know where in Greece this home is located but, the use of Turkish tiles as wainscoting and its pointed arched doorways give this home just the right amount of global chic which would be appealing to a world traveler.
beach home dining room decor ideas
The dining area serves as a library with bookcases that hold books and objects as well.
beach home living room decoraring ideas
The living room seems cozy and airy at t he same time.
beach home bedroom decorating ideas
The tones in the bedroom are soothing and warm, perfect for a good night sleep.
beach home living room decor ideas
A more formal area of the living room where the blue is not overwhelming and the arched doors bring in lots of light.
beach home living room decor ideas
Another more formal area where earth tones are more prevalent. 
beach home bathroom decor ideas
The bathroom is relaxing and also functional. 
beach home bathroom decor ideas
I never saw this type of stone before.
beach home garden
beach home garden
beach home garden
The garden is simply a dream.
beach home garden with azaleas
This spot right here would be my special place where I would have coffee in the mornings.
Photos by Marianne Hass.  Interior Design by Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi.

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