7 Transitional Style Living Rooms

Transitional design is like meeting traditional and modern decor half way.  It integrates all the good elements of both styles.  While Traditional Style can sometimes feel too inflexible and Modern Style too cold, a transitional style balances harmoniously creating spaces that not only feel timeless but chic as well.  Transitional living spaces are created by keeping furniture lines simple without extra ornamentation, using neutral tones and combining all with modern art.  Neutral tones can go from varying shades of beige tones to a different range of greys but, that doesn’t mean that only neutral tones can be used. Colors derived from nature undertones can also fall in a similar category, such as greens and blues.  The overall feeling in a transitional style room is harmonious, comfortable and it appeals to most people’s taste.  It induces grace and rapport.  Keep scrolling down to see examples of transitional style living rooms.    
transitional living room with Pierre Jeanneret chairs, modern art and clean lines sofa
A transitional living room designed by Stephane Parmentier.  The Interior Designer kept lines simple with neutral color fabric.  Pay attention to the placement of the art and you notice a more refreshing way of symmetry.  The chairs are by Pierre Jeanneret, an eternal French modern classic.
klismos chairs, black and white art, artistic rug
Perfect interpretation of transitional design by Delphine Krakoff.  A mixture of modern art and timeless furniture with an artistic rug.  It's worth noting the amazing classic lines of the Klismos chairs.
cozy seating area with uphlstered sitting and curtains.  red pillows seat on side chairs
As you can see in this space designed by Thom Filicia, transitional design doesn't mean only neutrals.  Using traditional colors in nontraditional ways can also be done.  I really love the pattern on the curtains and the pop of red on the chairs.
living room with different shades of blues and greys, crystal chandelier and leather chairs
Soothing colors in different shades of blues and greys combined with traditional ceiling and chandeliers, and comfortable leather deep chairs result in a very timeless living room.  Via Elle Decor.
coffered ceiling, brown walls and bookcases and beige and light pink upholstered furniture
A modern take on coffered ceilings in this room and the brown walls translate traditional style in a transitional way. via
living room with ornate walls lean lined furniture in blue and beige
How beautiful is this room with blue accents throughout to unify the big living room.  Clean upholstered furniture lines from curvy to straight ones juxtapose the ornate walls and a few modern touches create a beautiful living room. Designed by Bruce Budd via AD
white living room with classic furniture upholstered in different shades of browns.
Stephen Sills design is as transitional as it can be.  Here in this living room he updated classic furniture by upholstering them in different shades of neutral browns.
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