Poppy Delevingne's Luxurious Bathroom

Poppy Delevingne's luxurious bathroom is like a gift that keeps on giving.  It's also a girl's dream with marble covering counter tops, shower and floors and accents of polished brass fixtures. Delevingne's bathroom is right up my alley.  The walls are covered in a De Gournay green wallpaper, but don't fret, the luxurious wallpaper seems to be protected from water and moisture, thanks to the glass enclosed marble-covered shower, as you can spot in this video she did for Jo Malone. 
Poppy Delevingne's bathroom with de gournay wallpaper

Poppy Delevingne taking a selfie in her fabulous bathroom from her Instagram acct.
The beautiful bathroom also shows some functional features, as a closet for storage and a glass and brass metal three tier side table next to the free-standing bathtub for easy access to toiletries. 
Poppy Delevingne's bathroom bathtub and brass faucet
Make it your own
Framed chinoiserie wall mural would add a great touch.  Brass deck mount exposed faucet, brass sink faucet, a more modern version freestanding bathtub, three tier side table in brass and acrylic.

Second picture by Bjorn Looss, scanned by me from Porter Magazine

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